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Growth and Effeciency

Influx glues together all the business processes, which revolves around Employees and Customers, the two most important elements of every business. No company can survive without customers and human resource. After all, both of these entities influence business operation. However, the challenge is that the interactions between both of these elements need to be managed effectively in order to serve existing as well as prospective customers in the best possible manner.

InfluxERP not just assists you in managing your business’ customer-facing processes, but also helps you in the implementation of the customer-centric vision that you have.

The solution will even help your enterprise know your employees as well as customers in a better way, understand and respond to their needs and thus, develop valuable customer experience and strong employee relationship. In return, you are sure to get improvised employee loyalty. You will notice the difference in the form of employee satisfaction. Remember, satisfied employees are the ones who give more, stay longer and recommend you to others!

In addition to this, InfluxERP solutions will help you with the following:

  • Gain a 360° customer and employee view as well as automate and handle different sales-related processes
  • Become more competitive, accessible, responsive and service-oriented
  • Reduce service cost
  • Improve efficiencies and collaboration by sharing employee and customer information across different branches and departments
  • Accelerating sales as well as service cycle
  • Effective employee management
  • Deriving an in-depth insight into opportunities and sources for effective transfers and cross employment with your employee base.

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