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Influx offers a comprehensive solution to integrate and streamline the processes and workflows related to business operation in the present era. It assists companies to synergize their resources, which include manpower, money, machine and material through information. Developed to offer consistent flexibility in the overall expansion of a business, InfluxERP offers total solution in the following segments:

Business Partner/Customer Management

  • Capture customer information according to the latest KRA rules with option for double capturing the information via maker-checker concept
  • Provision for importing KYC data
  • Upload information to KRA systems
  • Store all business partner’s/customer's documents in digitized form
  • Document Tags - expiry date/renewal/text search etc
  • Capture every customer information as per different Exchange regulations
  • Detailed informational data of customers with auto-validations (like Credit Valuations/PAN etc) for economical credit worthiness
  • Create various types of business partners; for example, sub-brokers, relationship partners, dealers, remisers and etc and map them to customers
  • Customer grouping according to branch, family, dealer, sub-broker, relationship manager, relationship partner, franchisee and so on
  • Powerful and flexible search options
  • Auto-generates UCC (Unique Client Code), vouchers and etc
  • Individual clients can be provided multiple exchange codes but one management and window reporting

Employee and Sales Force Management

  • Captures in-depth data for both on-role as well as off-role employee of a company
  • Chronological employment details of an employee relevant to his/her branch, CTC, department, job-responsibility and reporting head
  • Maintain employee-specific details including complete geographical location in digitized format
  • Generates chart of organizational hierarchy
  • Generate MRF as well as allot and track employment assignment across different geographical location of the enterprise
  • Generate Offer Letters/Appointment Letters
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Import lead information and manage as well as track sales related activities through the Sales Force and by using Sales Assignment/Phone Call/Sales Visit
  • Staff training management
  • Employee exit management
  • Staff statutory calculations on ESI, PF and etc
  • Total payroll integration along with web-based access
  • Employee PMS (Performance Management System)
  • Application, leave and recruitment management
  • Create diverse salary structure
  • Process payroll featured with minimal clicks
  • Ad hoc deductions or earnings for a specific month
  • Generate salary statements as well as bank advices for crediting employee salary
  • Make accurate ESI, Provident Fund, PT, TDS and other statutory deductions
  • Generated payslips can be easily accessed by employees

Branch, User as well as User Group Management

  • Support for extensive branch hierarchy
  • Maintain comprehensive exchange wise CTCL ID/terminal detail for individual branches
  • Maintain branch-specific details like agreement, bills, certificate details, NCFM, rent receipts and etc in digitized form
  • Users' Rights Management
  • Automatic disabling of User Login once the associated staff leaves the company
  • Menu-based access control according to the user's group
  • Users are allowed to set IP based location access restriction
  • Supports 4 kinds of user profile: a) Checker, b) Maker, c) Provisional and d) Final

Enterprise wide Task Management

  • Comes along with a task allocation module through which users can assign tasks to their sub-ordinates as well as track updates thereon
  • Task assigned and/or updated are even communicated to the related users via e-mail
  • Reminders of pending tasks get flashed on related users' screens as scrolling ticker

Brokerage, Charges as well as Commission

  • Comprehensive and flexible options to set-up chronological statutory charges and brokerage for customers
  • A customer might be charged brokerage exclusively or via a pre-defined brokerage scheme
  • Various types of brokerage supported include:
    1. Assignment/Delivery/Exercise/Square-Off/Final Settlement
    2. Carry/Daily/Separate First and Second Leg/Separate Purchase and Sale/Single Leg
    3. Flat amount for each unit/percent or lot of unit price/trade value
    4. Premium Charge/Premium and Strike/Difference between Spot and Strike price
    5. As per turnover/market price slab
  • All types of exchange/statutory charges like Clearing Charges, Commodity Transaction Tax, Delivery Charges, SEBI Fee, Securities Transaction Tax, Service Tax, Stamp Duty and Transaction Charges are set w.e.f. a specific date
  • Prices can be set for different groups at different rates
  • Option to generate charges that is payable to broker/exchange
  • Set-up commission payable to Relationship Partners and Sub-Brokers with 3 kinds of sharing:
    1. Sharing of full brokerage earned from end customers
    2. As fixed charge for sub-brokers
    3. As fixed charge to be retained by brokers
  • Flexible set-up for commission receivable for the distribution of Insurance and MF products based on product, AMC and/or promotion period (time period of distribution)

Import & Export

  • Imports different types of files from CTCL systems and exchanges
  • Imports bank statements with auto-reconciliation statements from major banks of India
  • Imports lists of SEBI banned entities offered by the exchanges
  • Imports every kind of CDSL/NSDL transaction and holding files
  • Imports all files specific to DP for ACA, BP, clients, COD, holdings, ISIN, RTAs, transactions and etc in CDSL and NSDL
  • Exports files related to Margin Reporting as per the regulations set by exchanges for all the Currency Derivative/Equity segments
  • Export RTGS/NEFT files for transferring fund from a broker's bank account
  • Export Client Funding Report according to Exchange regulations
  • Export front end position and RMS limit files for supervision
  • Export position data in both XML/CSV format for margin calculation and SPAN margin
  • Automates position matching for every derivative segment

Financial Accounting

  • Comprehensive keyboard entry option for bank/cash and journal vouchers
  • Fast and flexible search facility for account/sub-account heads by bank A/C number, code or name
  • Manages 3rd party receipts
  • Supports extensive account group pyramid
  • Drill-down option to zoom in to the voucher level right from the Trial Balance
  • One-click billing for every derivative/equity segment
  • Supports dual-currency accounting for global segments
  • Print credit/debit notes
  • Generate summary/detail BRS for each company across the enterprise
  • Create Trial Balance across all organizations
  • Individual accounting for proprietary businesses in derivative/equity segments
  • Powerful queries and searches on bank transactions
  • Generates auto-payment vouchers for settlement payout
  • Print bank cheques in loose/continuous stationary
  • Stock registers
  • Integrated company/personal accounting for unlimited companies
  • Auto-opening/closing profit/loss and stock journals during year end

Delivery and Settlement

  • Unified POA delivery pay-in system that automatically transfers shares to beneficiaries
  • Auto-transfers shares from the holdback/margin accounts of a broker
  • Rule-based delivery payout processes
  • Automates pool-to-pool and inter-settlement transfers for effecting deliveries
  • Inter-account transfers for moving shares to and from various holdback/margin accounts
  • Creates DP batch files in CDSL, easiest, e-kool, NSDL-eDPM and Speed-E formats
  • Generates auto-dividend journals
  • Auto-adjustment of Demat stocks for corporate actions such as bonus and stock-split
  • Business year wise single settlement idea for each Commodity Derivative, Currency and F&O segments, which eliminates the requirement for taking forward the prevalent open positions

E-mail, Digital Signer and SMS

  • Featured with in-built digital acknowledging utility with an option to e-mail and digitally sign the following:
    1. Contract notes
    2. Quarterly Accounts statement
    3. Confirmation statement of Accounts
    4. Day-to-day margin statement to clients
    5. Transaction statement cum bill in CDSL/NSDL
    6. Quarterly Holding and No Transaction statements in CDSL/NSDL
  • All files are created in PDF format including in-built facility to check the signature's authenticity/validity without installing any 3rd party "verifier" software
  • Digital signatures directly gets imported in InfluxERP and does not require installation of it from user's end
  • Comes combined with an e-mail engine that uses SMTP server and keeps a log of all the mails sent through the system. Keeps on trying to resend bounced e-mails at periodic interval
  • Send SMS for confirming trade, open position, available capital for exposure, margin call, funds shortage, pending deliveries and etc

Compliance and Risk Management

  • SEBI banned element identification while customer data creation
  • Customer Risk Profiling
  • Client Risk Analysis across all exchange segments
  • Ageing Analysis including collaterals and pending sale/purchase positions
  • Collateral report across different exchange segment
  • Daily margin cum obligation statement in the Derivative segment
  • Automated "Quarterly Release of Securities and Excess Funds" with double approval
  • Digitally signed additional margin refund statement


  • Obligation and Trade Related
    1. Contract register
    2. Trade registers
    3. MTM/Net position reports
    4. STT register
    5. Day-to-day margin statements
    6. Trial settlement
    7. Exchange obligation
    8. Funds payout position
    9. Portfolio performance (across different exchange segments)
    10. Net Position Analysis across diverse exchange segments and settlements
    11. Report of Equity Portfolio with short-term and long-term profit and loss
    12. List of corporate actions
    13. Illiquid/approved scrip list
    14. Turnover reports
    15. Commission and sub-brokerage statements
  • Demat Transaction and Delivery Related
    1. Branch/Client/Group wise delivery pay-in/payout reports
    2. Account plus Scrip/Client wise holding statement
    3. Security register
    4. Demat transaction reports along with various customer scrip combination
    5. Demat charges statement
  • Accounts Related
    1. Bank/cash book
    2. Journal register
    3. General trial
    4. Profit and loss statement
    5. Balance sheet
    6. Subsidiary trial
    7. Ledgers
    8. Penalty and interest statement
    9. Bank reconciliation statements
    10. Bank statements
    11. Accounts confirmation
    12. Profit/loss and general trial statement analysis across businesses
  • Statutory Reports
    1. STT - Form 10DB
    2. Service Tax statements
    3. Stamp Duty register
    4. Turnover reports for banks
  • MIS Reports
    1. Terminal-ID wise turnover reports
    2. Best clients by brokerage and volume
    3. Best scrips by brokerage and volume
    4. Branch wise brokerage and turnover reports
    5. Inactive clients in a particular period
    6. Most active users in a specific time
    7. Trading clients' profiles
  • Audit and Inspection Related Reports
    1. SEBI banned elements
    2. Trade modification reports (brokerage/client change instances)
    3. Transaction register (exchange format)
    4. Cross deals
    5. List of POA customers traded in a particular time
    6. List of each client traded in a specific time with statutory details
    7. Gap trading analysis
    8. Clients who have trades more than a specified value
    9. Gross income cum obligation analysis
    10. Clients who have trades with banned PAN
    11. Clients who have traded in Illiquid scrips
    12. Clients who don’t have mandatory documents
    13. In-depth query for bank/cash transactions
    14. Combined quarterly brokerage and turnover analysis according to branch /client/client category/client type (pro-cli) and group

Notification and Subscriptions

  • Unique option for end clients of a company to receive pre-defined reports in mail box
  • Clients need to e-mail at mentioning the relevant subject from their registered e-mail address. This module automatically creates the required report and sends it back to client's mail-id without necessitating any human intervention
  • Entire log is maintained for this kind of communication to and from client
  • Following subjects/topics are available for clients:
    1. Unique option for end clients of a company to receive pre-defined reports in mail box
    2. Clients need to e-mail at mentioning the relevant subject from their registered e-mail address. This module automatically creates the required report and sends it back to client's mail-id without necessitating any human intervention
    3. Entire log is maintained for this kind of communication to and from client
    4. Following subjects/topics are available for clients:

With these modules, InfluxERP forms a multi-segmented single platform that caters to the diverse sectors mentioned above. In addition to that, this completely web-based, automated and comprehensive solution aims at providing an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) to enterprises.

All in all, InfluxERP Solutions is a wonder for both management and clients. Apart from offering single point control for all systems, its automated Corporate Governance, that is featured with Managing Alerts, detects and alerts management about any fraudulent activity in an innovative yet secured way.

This web based service can be accessed from anywhere making the job easier. It further forms an all-in-one web based portfolio that offers automated service and proactive alerts to clients, which in turn helps you maintain transparency with them.

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