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The IT industry across the world is moving rapidly and that in turn has increased the need of prompt and harnessed communication. There are innumerable processes and workflows that can help your business in this regard. But the main question that arises here is how many of them are well-integrated and automated. After all, it is a proven fact that manual processes are not just cumbersome, labor-intensive and prone to error, but can even drain out both money and time. It is only an automated process that can handle the routine yet critical activities, making business operations as lean as possible and keeping the bottom line in control.

This is actually "the need of the hour".

Hence, you need a technology that can make you PRO-ACTIVE and RE-ACTIVE in regards to business.

InfluxERP has been designed in such a manner so that it can make business operations cost-effective and simple for stock brokers. Keeping the aforementioned need in mind, we have created InfluxERP to be 100% web based. It's aimed at providing consolidated, comprehensive, as well as intelligent information to the users by a single login. The system is even capable of delivering relevant information to the users based on their job role and corporate position.

Influx is a unique way of automating and integrating "Human Capital" and "Business Processes" that are specific to a financial product distribution house. The conceptualization and designing of this software is solely focused on minimizing the risk of attrition and non-performance.

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